Moist Vanilla Pound Cake

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It does not get more traditional in baking than with this Moist Vanilla Pound Cake. Cakes like this one are simple and clean in flavor, moist and delicious, and can be kept a long time in the freezer, pulled out, and served in many different ways. This is a lovely recipe to memorize so that you can quickly put it together whenever you want something that is quick, easy, basic, and fabulous.

Few things beat a pound cake. The name originates in the measurement, which, originally, included one pound each of flour, sugar, butter and eggs. The leavening was in the hands of the baker whose skill whipped air in to the butter and sugar and then the eggs. Flour was carefully folded in so as not to lose any air and then the whole thing was baked for quite some time, often an hour, to create a perfect cake. This recipe is a modern twist on that simply and lovely original; it uses lots of butter and sugar. You can consider putting your sugar through the food processor in order to make it extra fine. This recipe also suggests putting the flour through a sieve before using it. Both of these steps simply make the ingredient somewhat finer. That can result in a finer crumb (crumb here refers to the interior texture and appearance of the cake), which in turn means a more tender, better blended, and more delicious cake. But even if you do not do these two steps, this cake will be absolutely fantastic.

Make this cake often, and put it in your freezer. Make it in small loaves, cup cakes, or larger pan cakes. It can be cut horizontally and layered, served with fruits, creams, sauces, and with just about any flavor you enjoy. It is a recipe well worth knowing and using often.

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