Moms Beef Burgundy

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Made with red wine and a whole host of perfect seasonings, our blogger’s moms beef burgundy is a winning recipe you will want to try when the nights get cool and the days become crisp. This is a belly warming, flavorful and rich meal that will have everyone making sure they are home the night you are putting this meal on the table. And then they will line up with their plates ready to be filled and their forks ready to dig in. It is a great dinner to serve on Sunday night as a family dinner, and nice enough to offer guests when they are invited to dinner. This is a wonderful meal, and everyone will truly enjoy it.

This moms beef burgundy is not too difficult to make. It finds its special flavor in the unique blend of seasonings that are used, so be sure to get all of them together before you start. Some herbs, such as thyme, are really necessary to provide the right depth of flavor, especially when paired up with the mushrooms that form part of this great meal. Two kinds of meat mean business in the flavor department, too. Plenty of onions ensure terrific taste throughout. Take your time when you make this meal, and allow the beef time to really soak up all the wonderful seasonings that will make this dinner pop.

Moms beef burgundy is served over smashed potatoes. This is the coup de grace for this meal. Potatoes pair perfectly with the robust flavor of the beef, and are just right to soak up all those flavorful juices. Everyone will love this dish. It is hearty, meaty and filling. Serve it on a special night when you everyone will come to the table to share this meal. Enjoy it.

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