Monterey Chicken Copycat Recipe

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For me, as a kid, any time a meal came up that my mom called a copy cat of something, I knew we were going to have something I loved, from a place that we could not afford to eat at very often. Here, This Silly Girl’s Life web site has prepared a Monterey Chicken Copycat Recipe, one that you and your family will love to death. And this recipe is no exception. It blends the sweet flavor of a honey BBQ sauce with the rich and sultry taste of great cheese. Bacon rounds out the additions to the chicken, then it is out to the BBQ, add the seasonings and let the grill do its thing.

This is a very quick and easy recipe to make up. It is terrific for summer grilling and will taste great with smashed potatoes with garlic and mushrooms or just baked potatoes, fresh corn, steamed greens and whatever other veggies your family enjoys. This is a finger licking good dish, so be sure to serve it with plenty of napkins—for hands, laps and lips! You could even let your aspiring cook make this out on the grill. There is nothing quite as wonderful as producing a great dish and meal from the BBQ, and this could be a real coup for the new cooks in the house. It is great to deliver a big platter of food while every one cheers you on. This is a terrific opportunity for a big win for the new cook in your house so let him or her try making this one for the family.

This dish is easy to make, doesn't take much time, goes well with all kinds of other veggies, and won’t break the bank for costs. It is a wonderful dish to serve on those long, hot and sunny days of summer, when the scent of BBQ in the air brings every one running to the table. Enjoy this Monterey Chicken Copycat Recipe soon!

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