Monterey Chicken Enchiladas

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A delicious Monterey Chicken Enchiladas recipe is one of the great easy dinner ideas you can implement into your weekly meal plan of homemade meals. Finding easy dinner ideas is a breeze on the internet. We don't even really need cookbooks or recipe cards any more if we don't want to use them. Everything you need can be found right on the internet. People used to look through books and magazines for good recipes but now, all you have to do is search for they type of food you want to make or the type of ingredients you want to use, and tons of recipes will come up. You can always print these recipes off and keep them in a recipe binder or book that you create, or you can just use your tablet as a recipe book. The advancing technology has given way to hundreds of amazing food bloggers online. There are many people like Jocelyn from the Inside Bru Crew Life food blog, who took their love of cooking to the internet sharing their recipes and experiences with people. Its so fun to peruse the internet for the latest and greatest recipes and try them out for yourself at home. We all have to eat, so we might as well have some fun with it, right?

When it comes to mexican recipes, the enchilada is one of the more popular mexican recipes to come to Canada and the United States. There are many Mexican restaurants in both countries, some are chains and some are authentic Mexican restaurants with authentic Mexican food. There is also a style of food known as Tex -Mex, which is the fusion of southern cooking and Mexican cooking. The chimichanga is one of those recipes that we see more in Tex Mex cuisine than in real authentic mexican recipes. Enchiladas are a traditional Mexican recipe though. The Mayan people have been using tortillas for a number of different recipes, and enchiladas is somewhat of a casserole recipe made with small tacos and a rich tomato sauce poured over top with plenty of cheese. This recipe for Monterey chicken enchiladas is very time efficient too, only taking about 30 minutes to make, which is a key factor when it comes to easy dinner recipes.

Nutrition Facts for: Monterey Chicken Enchiladas from Inside Bru Crew Life

Ingredients: Olive oil, green pepper, chopped cooked chicken, diced tomatoes, barbecue sauce, cheese, water, flour tortillas, bacon, green onions.

* The entire recipe has been calculated for 8 servings.

* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet

* Per Serving: Calories 415, Calories from Fat 200, Total Fat 22.2g 34%, Saturated Fat 10.6g 53%, Cholesterol 85mg 28%, Sodium 1044mg 44%, Potassium 465mg 13%, Carbohydrates 25.5g 9%, Dietary Fiber 2.6g 10%, Sugars 10.2g, Protein 28.0g,Vitamin A 19, Vitamin C 28%, Calcium 29%, Iron 8%

This particular enchilada recipe includes chicken breast which provides essential nutrients in our daily diets. A cooked chicken breast includes no saturated fat and no sugar

while being very high in selenium, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. If you are vegan or vegetarian you can omit the chicken or the cheese and add in some more vegetables or make a cheese that is made out of plant based foods. If you do eat meat, it is always a good idea to make sure that your meat is coming from a farm that allows the animals to roam freely and doesn't give their animals the harsh hormones or antibiotics that factory farms do. Support a local farm which will support your local economy. Enjoy the fabulous homemade meals from Inside Bru Crew Life.***

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