Mookies (Muffin Cookies) with Pillsbury Purely Simple

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These are the kind of treats that little helping hands love to get involved with, so be sure to get them helping with this recipe. This recipe begins with a mix to make these Mookies (Muffin Cookies) with Pillsbury Purely Simple. And so they are simple, and that is great when you have little ones about. The caramel and butterscotch bits will contrast wonderfully against the pretzels, and together they will add great flavor and texture to the muffins (oops . . . mookies). And kids love fun and silly names, and this name will have them laughing and chatting the whole time they eat them. And they will absolutely love that the name is made from two other words. It is a lot of fun playing word games with kids; they take such delight in these kinds of silly things and make all of us laugh with the antics.

This recipe is quick and easy. Make it when you want to spend some time with the kids, but want it to be about the kids, not the recipe. Proportions are easy with a mix, so you do not need to be worried about exact amounts of the various ingredients. The kids will be absorbed with the additions and trying to steal little bites of them, and debating about the name of the treat they are about to eat. So enjoy the bake, and enjoy the kids even more.

The Pillsbury Company is more than 150 years old, and is a well-known name in the baking world. The company used to be a rival to General Mills, but GM bought them out around 2000 or so. They started out by producing flour, but eventually expanded their product base. They are also known for the annual Pillsbury Bake Off, which ran for many years, and was even broadcast for some time. It may not be mandatory to make this treat with Pillsbury flour, but it is a bit romantic. Enjoy!

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