More than 70 Recipes that use Oreo Cookies!

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Have we died and gone to heaven? Here are more than 70 recipes that use Oreo Cookies! That means you could have an Oreo cookie surprise once each week for more than an entire year and still have some left over. How great is that? Let’s wet your appetite for a few of these Oreo gems and send you to the website for the rest. Mark the page! You won’t want to lose track of all these possibilities.

The Oreo cookie was such a wonderful creation or invention. It all began in the early 20th century, in 1912 to be precise, when the now-called Nabisco Company created the Oreo to compete against a cookie from another company. The Oreo, with its deep and crunchy exterior and creamy white middle soon became—and has remained—America’s favorite cookie. A lemon version was also created soon after the chocolate Oreo, but was discontinued for many years only to return, reinvented in the 1970s.

Over time, the Nabisco Company has even worked on the healthiness of the cookie, removing trans fats when it was found how bad they were for us. The cookie even has its own game, featuring superstar football players twisting, licking and dunking their way through an Oreo cookie. The Oreo cookie has had special editions with different colored fillings in it, and has been coated and dunked. It is advertised as “milk’s favorite cookie” and who could argue with that?

This cookie is also great to cook with. Its intense chocolate or lemon flavor has been masterfully crafted and the cookie’s outside crumbles and crunches beautifully. It re-bakes well, and can be crushed, chopped or crumbled with ease. That is partly why it makes such a great part of so many other recipes.

These 70 recipes on the site, Love Bakes Good Cakes, includes Oreos that help to bake creative cakes, more cookies, cheesecakes, pies and more. Many of the recipes are no-bake wonders and can even be made with the kids. Others are more sophisticated and will challenge your baking skills. Any way you like them, you can find an Oreo twist to meet your flavor needs. Try one of these recipes today!

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