Moscato Punch

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Try this Moscato Punch recipe and you will find yourself serving it up time and again. It is a sweet drink made by adding a variety of frozen concentrated juices and sodas as well as various assorted fruit together to make a fun drink that everyone will enjoy. This particular drink might be best suited to those lazy and hot summer days around the pool, when you mix a pitcher and fill it with ice, and then enjoy the sweet and tangy results of a blend such as this one.

Moscato wine is one of the oldest wines in the world, and made from one of the oldest cultivated grapes, the Muscat grape. The grape can be found all over the world, which suggests that this grape is likely one of the earliest to be made in to a wine, and likely made in all regions where that grape can be found. The wine is carbonated. It often comes as a white wine that may include other flavors such as raspberry, peach, grape, and even nectarine. It comes from Italy, and has a low alcohol content compared to some other, richer wines. So it is a great drink to blend with other things just as this recipe blends it with sodas and concentrated juices. That decreases the alcohol content even further, and when it then becomes blended with ice, there is very little alcohol in each individual drink. So this is a great drink when you want to serve something special with just a little bit of alcohol, but not too much in it.

Moscato Punch is named after the grape that makes the wine that goes in to this drink, the Muscat grape. It grows almost everywhere around the world, and has been cultivated for many years. It is a slightly sweet wine and so it pairs well with spicy foods. You might consider serving Chinese food with this wine. Other spicy pairings would also be great, as long as they are not too heavy in flavor. Mexican food might be too spicy and strong in flavor for this light and somewhat delicate wine. So choose the pairing a bit carefully. As for desserts, you could consider something that picks up and pairs well with light flavors. A plain cheesecake might be a perfect complement to this wine, or shortbread cookies. Small and light sandwiches, such as cucumber sandwiches (made with the crusts cut off, of course!) might also work well with this light and delicious wine. If you have not tried a Muscat wine before, there are several different kinds to choose from. Keep trying until you find your favorite and then you can make this punch drink.

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