Mouthwatering Cherry Rolls

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Amish Cherry Rolls will make a big splash with your family when you put them on the table tonight. They are a quick roll, which means they are made with baking soda or baking powder, rather than yeast. It also means they can bake up very quickly. These rolls are also served with a cherry sauce, which makes them a unique offering since most rolls don’t usually include a topping like this one. This recipe combines almond flavoring with cherries, a flavor combination that is really complementary. So don’t forget to add the almond flavoring to the final glaze; it will bring a really nice flavor to this recipe. As well, the cherries used are tart cherries, another great choice of ingredient. There are two kinds of cherries, tart and sweet. Both are fabulous, of course, but tart cherries are an unusual choice and a fantastic flavor contrast to the rich crust. Tart cherry juice is also used in the sauce, so this dish will combine the rich crust with tart filling and sauce.

Quick rolls are a nice change from yeast ones. They offer a firmer texture and one that can be quite flaky, depending on the recipe and fat to flour ratios. They don’t require any rise time, and so can cook up quite quickly. Depending on the recipe, they may be served warm with ice cream or whipped cream (both great choices for these Amish Cherry Rolls) or sit them on the counter where people can grab them on the run and eat them cold.

Almost anything that is home made, when it draws on good ingredients and great recipes, will outdo anything that you buy from the grocery store. It takes more time to prepare something from scratch, but the rewards will come from appreciation from your family, and your own satisfaction at your growing culinary expertise. Try this recipe today for compliments tonight!

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