Mozzarella Cheese Garlic Bread

Photo Credit: Melissas Southern Style Kitchen

Bread is just such a great food and this Mozzarella Cheese Garlic Bread makes this basic food even more delicious. And what is more wonderful about this bread is how the loaf, which you buy uncut, is cut and then stuffed with cheese and other ingredients. It is really attractive to look at, but also functional. Everyone can just pull off bites of the bread and eat it a bit at a time. This is true community eating at its finest. Be sure little ones wash their hands before they dig in—and maybe big ones, too! This is a definite hands on sharing style of eating.

This kind of heavy bread works with a lot of other foods. Serve it with just robust salads made with plenty of lemon and vinegar as a lunch. Or serve it in winter with a lovely bowl of soup or thick stew. This dish can also serve up well with any Italian dish you are serving from simple pasta to Timballo (a complicated dish from various regions including Italy and France, with all of the usual variations in ingredients, of course). But the bread will hold its own against even the best of dishes made with tomato sauce, cream sauce and any pastas. It will also taste great with stews made with beef, potatoes and carrots, typically northern European foods.

Of course, you could also just serve the bread, alone, without any other dish to accompany it. This bread would be a wonderful snack during a late night television show or movie, or served mid-afternoon on a day when people might be eating later than usual. This bread should fill the void while dinner comes later. Or whenever you are hungry for a good munch on something cheesy. Try it soon. Enjoy it often.

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