Mozzarella Stuffing Balls

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So, who would have thought you could use stuffing to make this recipe for Mozzarella Stuffing Balls? Well, it is an intriguing use of left over stuffing, if your family will let you use their stuffing up that way. In my house, there is no way I would be allowed to use stuffing for anything but sandwiches or left over what ever we are having . . . but that is just my house. Perhaps I will try and make some of these balls by stealing just a bit of the stuffing after thanksgiving. The Mozzarella Stuffing Balls look yummy enough that I might be forgiven for using up some of the stuffing this way.

This is an easy recipe, and the aspiring cooks might like to help. Just cube some mozzarella cheese (with plenty of extra for nibbling) then stuff it inside a handful of left over stuffing. That is it. Dip the ball in the usual stuff—milk, cheese, and what ever the recipe suggests—then fry it. You really need only to fry it enough to melt the cheese, so you do not have to worry about actually cooking anything.

Let the Mozzarella Stuffing Balls drain for a bit then serve them for lunch with a great big salad. Do not tell the rest of the family what the surprise is inside the Mozzarella Stuffing Balls. Instead, let them bite their way in to that chewy, gooey goodness. They will love it. And so will you. And, once you make this recipe, you may find that you no longer have to steal the left over stuffing; your family may pull it out of the fridge for you! Enjoy.

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