Muffin Pans for Planting and 8 Other Tips for the Gardening Season

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he first time I saw this idea about using a muffin pan plant spacer, I almost could not believe my eyes. I had two muffin pans that had finally gotten so old they simply had to be thrown out, but I just could not bring myself to get rid of them out. They were the first pans I had ever bought for my own home, and I was pretty sentimental about them. It seemed so wasteful, too. I thought if I could just find some way to use them. So I kept them in my cupboard for nearly a year before I had finally decided that they just had to be tossed. Then I came across this article. What a find!

As an avid gardener, I am always looking for ways to make my garden space go a bit further, my plants look a little bit prettier, and my entire garden appear just a tad tidier. Too often, when I plant, it looks like someone raced through my garden and just plopped plants here, there and everywhere. I am just not that great at spacing evenly, no matter how much I try to measure and separate. But when I found this idea about the muffin pan plant spacer, I solved two problems at once. Now I knew I had new life for my muffin pan, and I could hope forat last!a garden with some form and organization to it. And you can too!

Youll be able to see how easy it is to set up picture perfect rows that are even and well spaced. You can use the muffin pan plant spacer for putting in seeds, transplanting seedlings, and even laying out seed tracks evenly. Your plants will grow better, too, with just the right amount of space around them for roots to spread out and stalks to grow healthy and tall.

This tip and plenty of other great gardening ideas can be found at Homehacks website at the link just below.Good luck with your gardening this year!

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