Mums Lemon and Garlic Chicken

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Nothing ever beats what our mom makes; it’s kind of a rule in the universe. Here, Rose, the Londoner who blogs the site, offers up Mums Lemon and Garlic Chicken. It is true, too, because nothing beats my mother’s blueberry pie, Thanksgiving everything, and other things that I grew up with. This recipe is one of those memories of home that just make you feel good when you eat it. And lemon and garlic with chicken are wonderful seasonings to put together. This recipe is so easy almost any one could make it successfully. And it looks very pretty once it is cooked because you put the cloves in whole and the lemon is cut into quarters and spread around the chicken. That makes it a beautiful way to serve it, too, once it comes from the oven.

The blog where the recipe is located also offers a terrific salad to go with this meal. Be sure to make it when you make the chicken. It is a complete and nutritious meal that your family will love. This recipe uses thighs, too, so the meat will be rich and flavorful, and almost certainly not dry, as sometimes happens to chicken breasts when cooked. The salad boasts plenty of greens and colorful veggies that your family is sure to like.

This is a great summer time meal, light yet filling enough for a hot day when you want to keep your stomach light. There are plenty of similar recipes on the site that you can check out when you go to look at this recipe. There are also lots of great photos, all taken by Rosie, the site blogger, that show you her travels as she samples foods and writes about her experiences. It is a fun blog to spend some time on. Check it out today!

Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, The Londoner, by following the link below.

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