Mushroom Casserole

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Looking for the perfect dish to serve up at the next family gathering? Then you might want to try this oh-so-delicious recipe for Mushroom Casserole! According to all of the reviews, it’s an absolute sensation no matter where it’s served.

But first, let’s take a moment to learn a little more about the history of casseroles! The word ‘casserole’ refers to the dish in which the recipe is cooked. In French, ‘cassa’ means ‘ladle’ and it goes back even further than that, to the Medieval Latin word, ‘cattia’ which means ladle too. What does this all mean? We can only guess, but it seems like the word casserole originally meant a meal that all could share from the same pot – something that could be ‘ladled’ out to every person in the family or community. And so, what better meal for a family gathering?!

Other similar concepts are the Spanish paella, French cassoulet, British pot pies, and Italian lasagne. All of these are excellent examples of casseroles. And guess what the very first casserole ever made was? Although we’re unable to prove it just yet, we’re pretty certain it was macaroni and cheese! The recipe, called ‘de lasnis’, was actually discovered in an ancient text called the “Liber de Cucina” dating back to 1404. It called for pasta boiled in water and was layered with grated cheese. Mild spices were added for extra zing. It’s hard to believe! Mac n’ Cheese, the ultimate comfort food, has been around for a very long time.

And now let’s get back to today’s mushroom casserole. Can you imagine what this dish is going to taste like, with its super-flavoured sautéd mushrooms, sour cream, and other delectable ingredients? OMG – we can’t wait to get started!

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