Musketeer Certified Home Floor Plans to get your creative juices flowing

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Musketeer Certified Home Floor Plans from Carriage Shed are perfect for any small house design needs you have. Whether you're building a cabin or a full-time home or an extra building on your property, these designs are wonderful for any need. The company also has sheds, garages, barns, chicken coops, gazebos, kid's play sets, and furniture. So you could have pretty much anything you need for your home and yard built by these professional and talented Amish craftsmen. You can also alter the floor plans and designs to suit your own needs, or you can create a custom design with the staff to create the perfect design for you. It's also great that Carriage Shed is a family owned and operated business and the owners oversee all of the operations. One of their small houses would be great for full-time small house living if you don't require a lot of space, or they could also be used as a vacation home. The Musketeer is just one of the many small house designs they have available, and it's got everything you could need in a small house design. The simple design is great for any setting especially out in the country or in the woods. Then there is a small patio on the front of the house which would be perfect for lounging and admiring the surrounding views.

You'll see that for the exterior of the home they use log siding which gives the appearance of real log construction but it would cost less, and it would be very easy to maintain. On the inside, they finish the walls using wooden tongue and groove siding which looks very warm and inviting as well as wood floors which also create a cozy environment. You could either leave the wood as is, or you could whitewash it which gives it a nice fresh look that brightens up the small space immensely. You can also see that they add in a bunch of smaller windows which also helps to brighten up the space and makes it feel more open. Having all of the windows in a small space like this is also important for ventilation too. The floor plans you see are for various versions of the Musketeer small house design. The first one is 24 feet by 30 feet with just one bedroom and one full bathroom. Then the plans go up to Musketeer Floor Plan the 28 foot by 52 foot Musketeer Floor Plan which has three bedrooms and three bathrooms as well as a large, open living room, dining room and kitchen area.

In small house design, it's nice if the main living area space can be an open concept so that the home will feel larger than it is. Adding high ceilings also helps with this, but then you will also have more space to heat as well. A good idea is to build a small house like this one and then add onto it in the future, or you could build a larger home later on too. Since buying land is so expensive, building a small house design will be more affordable, so you don't have to spend as much upfront. Then, when you start building your larger dream house, you can still live in the small home. Once you're out of the small house, you can then rent it out or use it as a guest house for personal friends and family members. The options are endless when it comes to building tiny houses so make sure you check out all of the great designs over at Carriage Shed and see which ones stand out the most to you.***

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