Mustard Salmon Sheet-Pan Dinner

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Dinner doesn’t get much easier than this mustard salmon sheet-pan dinner recipe because everything gets cooked on a baking tray and the entire dish takes only thirty minutes from start to finish. Tasty salmon dishes are excellent because salmon doesn’t need very long to cook through. In fact, salmon is safe to eat at the medium rare stage if you enjoy a warm, less done version for your salmon recipes, but can certainly be taken up to the well-done stage as well. Whether you are looking for a healthy dinner idea to take you through the week or just a meal idea that is fast so that you can spend more time doing what you love, this mustard salmon recipe is the perfect way to go.

If you are looking for a healthy baked salmon recipe, there are several ways to cook salmon adequately, but baking fish is the most hands-off way. You can grill salmon, smoke it, poach it, or sear it, but all these cooking methods require that you are constantly watching the fillet as it cooks. This baked salmon recipe layers an entire side of salmon with lemon slices, potatoes, and asparagus for an easy oven-baked meal and allows all the ingredients to shine at their best with the delicious lemony mustard sauce. As long as you set a timer, you can walk away and forget about your mustard salmon recipe for the fifteen or twenty minutes it takes to cook.

This salmon recipe specifies that you use either a side of Steelhead or King salmon, but Heidi, the developer of this mustard salmon recipe, states that you could use wild salmon when possible since it has better flavour. If your grocery store doesn’t label farmed or non-farmed, in Canada there is a distinction. Salmon that is referred to as Atlantic is usually farmed, while Pacific salmon or ‘fresh salmon’ is often wild-caught. Salmon is incredibly rich in vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein. Omega-3 fatty acids are amazing because they may help lower the possibility of disease’s like depression, Alzheimer’s, and cancer, and they have also been linked to reducing heart disease risk. These benefits make salmon an ideal food to add to your diet and this mustard salmon with asparagus recipe is a tremendous start to getting all of the salmon’s goodness.

Heidi adds a combination of asparagus and thin-sliced potatoes to her baked salmon recipe, but is good about suggesting alternatives, so once you have prepared the dish once, you can use it as a base for variations later on. Since this salmon dinner recipe takes a short time in the oven, it is crucial that you slice the potatoes thin enough to cook through. You can use a knife to accomplish this, but a mandoline is another good way to get thin potato slices. Consider investing in a mandoline slicer that can be adjusted to varying thicknesses to ensure you get as much use out of it as you can. Thanks to Heidi, recipe developer of ‘Foodiecrush’ recipe blog, for showing us her healthy and easy mustard salmon sheet-pan dinner recipe. **

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