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This simple salad recipe will come in handy to make any time. It could be great for lunch or dinner or as a side salad to accompany other foods. It would be perfect for bringing to potlucks and gatherings too. In this pasta salad recipe, you take the same flavours and ingredients that go into chicken salad and add pasta in instead of putting it between bread. You have the lightly seasoned chicken, broccoli, celery and the creamy dressing that usually goes into a chicken salad, but this time you'll also add in some golden raisins for a little hint of sweet. Amy from Belly Full says that this recipe is a hit at gatherings and it's one of her favourite simple salad recipes too. Pasta salads are great for any occasion, and there are so many great pasta salad recipes out there too. They are so versatile and usually fairly affordable, and they make enough to feed a lot of people which is great for bigger families. They can even be made ahead of time, and often they taste better the longer they sit, within reason of course. Many pasta salads include beef or bacon, but it's nice to make one that has a leaner meat like chicken in it. You can also make pasta salad recipes that only include vegetables too which makes them even healthier and great for those who don't eat meat.

Classic pasta salads are usually the ones you'll see at barbeques like macaroni salad with a simple salad dressing and a few vegetables like peas or corn. Salad and casserole recipes like this became very popular in the 1950s when packaged food items became more available in grocery stores. Dried pasta made it really easy to make a nice pasta dinner or a pasta salad recipe. Canned vegetables made it easier to add some veggies to any recipe, and pre-made salad dressings were very easy to take out of the fridge and pour onto any salad. Now, people are gravitating more towards making things from scratch again, but you can still use some of the products that make life easier for you. This pasta salad recipe includes a recipe for the simple salad dressing that will accompany the pasta salad. All you need to make it is some mayonnaise, sour cream, honey, Dijon mustard, salt, Italian seasoning and teaspoon pepper. If you wanted to make the dressing a little bit healthier, instead of using the sour cream you could use some plain Greek yoghurt instead. Greek yoghurt is a great replacement for sour cream because it doesn't have quite the amount of fat that sour cream contains.

For the pasta, you'll use Radiatore pasta if you want to use the same type of pasta Amy uses in her recipe. You will also need some cooked chicken breast that you will dice up into cubes. Whenever you buy meat, make sure you try and get it from an organic farm where the animals are pasture-raised since they will be healthier chickens. You will also need some broccoli, celery, raisins, almonds, and scallions. The celery would be best to buy organic since it is one of the vegetables that is usually covered in pesticides. The broccoli can be purchased non-organic if you like though since it doesn't usually have chemicals or pesticides on it. This way you can save some money by not having to buy everything organic. If you have a gluten intolerance, you can also use gluten-free pasta to make it healthier. There are many rice-based pasta that work great in recipes like this.***

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