My Absolute Favorite Pot Roast Recipe

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Heather, who offers us this recipe for this delicious Pot Roast Recipe, is the website developer and blogger as well as the recipe creator. This is an interesting recipe that draws on dry ranch dressing as part of its seasoning mix. The recipe also offers a homemade version of the dry ranch dressing mixture, which you might prefer to use. Making this part of the pot roast recipe from scratch may help you control the additives and preservatives in the recipe, which can add a lot of strange chemicals into your foods that you might prefer not to have in there. A dry mixture can help you out when you are cooking because it can be made ahead of time and kept in the cupboard or sometimes the fridge or freezer. But you do have tradeoffs. For example, many dry mixes will call for dried onion powder and dried garlic powder. Both of these ingredients are vegetables that belong to the Allium family. Allium includes onions, garlic, leeks, and so on. They also contain potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. In fact, garlic contains so many valuable nutrients that the World’s Healthiest Foods site recommends that everyone eat at least one clove each day. And similar nutrients are available in onions, too. As well, the flavor is vastly improved when you work with fresh ingredients. There really is no comparison between dried products and fresh ones.

This pot roast recipe shows you, first, how to make the beef in the crock pot itself, leaving it to cook all day long. Those smells will permeate the household completely, and bring everyone down to dinner on the run and spot on time, possibly even earlier (and then, get them to set the table when they do show up). Once the pot roast is nicely done, a terrific sauce is made using sour cream. Sour cream can cut the heavy flavor that can sometimes accompany beef pot roast (or any rich meat, really). Another way to cut the heaviness of the meat is to strain the sauce or gravy and serve only small amounts of it with a chutney. Some examples include cranberries or even mango. The sharp and tart flavor will contrast nicely against the depth of flavor from the pot roast and its sauce (gravy).

This pot roast recipe is a lovely dish to make any day of the week. It can be quick and easy, and if you put the potatoes around the roast as well as other root crops such as carrots, the entire meal can be made in the pot. It tastes fabulous, is cost effective, and easy to do. Enjoy this meal with your family soon, won’t you?

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