My Favorite Chicken Recipe Ever

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This is a fabulous chicken recipe that might just be My Favorite Chicken Recipe Ever. It uses a range of seasonings, ingredients and spices to create a complex flavor that permeates the chicken and the sauce that accompanies it. This dish would be fabulous served with smashed potatoes (made with fresh garlic and mushrooms), rice (either brown or white), or even your favorite broad noodles. Add some steamed greens and you have a complete and delicious dinner.

One of the secret ingredients for the sauce is the pancetta. This Italian meat is spicy, sliced thin, and just a little bit of it—a few pieces—can make any dish that much better. Here, it is chopped and used a little bit like bacon, only much more flavorful. In addition, six cloves of garlic are also added. Since the cloves are not chopped, smashed or chopped, the garlic flavor will gently permeate the chicken, giving it tons of flavor, but always in a quite subtle way. The cloves can be eaten, so do not pull them from the dish when you serve it (but you might want to warn your family and guests because some people do not like those kinds of flavor bursts in their food). Shallots are also used in this recipe, again offering a subtle onion flavor throughout the dish. The dish calls for both Marsala wine (worth buying the real thing rather than using a substitute) and mascarpone cheese. These two ingredients will give depth and lots of taste to the sauce.

This is a fabulous dish, and one that will serve up well with all kinds of other foods including potatoes, greens, or other vegetables. Bookmark this dish and be sure to make it soon. You will find it is a great Sunday dinner, and also something terrific to serve friends and guests who come by.

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