My Favorite Fresh Peach Pie

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All peach lovers will delight in this use for fresh, seasonal peaches. Mel, the author of Mel’s Kitchen Café recipe blog, came up with this peach pie recipe, because she loves pie baking, and adores the taste of this peach pie. She insists this is the best pie recipe because it is incredibly easy to make, as well as being very fresh and delicious tasting. This pie is versatile to make too because you can prepare a lattice top if you want something pretty, or you can make a crumb topping if you are looking for something a little less fussy. For those who are avid at pastry baking, the lattice top will be a fun endeavour, but if you are new to making pie crust, the crumb topping may be preferable as an easier choice. Either way, this peach dessert recipe will become an instant favourite in your house.

Fresh local peaches are available only once a year in most areas, so it makes sense to want to highlight them in as many dishes as possible. The pie filling recipe for this pie is simple and highlights the taste of the peaches, involving a small amount of cinnamon and nutmeg, and a combination of white and brown sugar. This pie filling doesn’t get cooked in advance but rather gets combined and placed inside the dough to bake to syrupy deliciousness. As a result, this pie is actually quite easy, since the peaches are sliced simply before being combined with an array of tasty ingredients and baked in the pie. If you would like to make the process of making this pie recipe even easier, don’t bother peeling the peaches, since the skin is perfectly edible to eat and will help keep the peaches more intact than if you removed the skins. The pie will be equally delicious, but won’t involve the extra effort of preparing the peaches.

For this fruit pie recipe, Mel recommends using her double crust pastry recipe, which includes butter and flour, as well as other ingredients. The butter is frozen, which allows the pastry to become extra flaky when baked. While baking and pastry can be a challenge for some, there are some excellent tips that can help turn you into a master dough maker in no time. Since dough making can be messy, you can try using a food processor rather than blending the mixture in a bowl as Mel does. In this case, simply combined the dry ingredients in the food processor first, and then add the butter and pulse until just crumbly. Next, the wet ingredients can be added and blended until the dough is formed. The efficiency of the food processor will also prevent over kneading which can produce a tough crust. Once you have tried this method of making this pie dough recipe, you will use it every time you make a pie or other fun desserts.

Once you have attempted Mel’s peach pie recipe, you can consider trying other fruits with the same combination of spices and sugar. Various berries, like strawberries or blueberries, or other pit fruits, like plums, would work best, since they have a similar moisture level to peaches. The tapioca flour that Mel includes will aptly thicken the fruit juices in this pie recipe no matter what fruit you use though. If you don’t keep tapioca flour on hand, though, Mel informs that you can use cornstarch instead, which has a similar effectiveness in thickening fruit mixture in pies. Thank you to Mel, the author of Mel’s Kitchen Café recipe blog, for sharing her favourite peach pie recipe with us.

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