My Gran's Chicken Bone Broth

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Broths are liquid wonders that usually come from the boiling of different types of bones and vegetables. Vasun brings us a soup that can be added to our healthy homemade soup list. Healthy soup recipes can be as easy as this one or can be any one that you love to make and that can fulfill all your necessary health concerns. Healthy soups that are made from bones like this one are a great way to get a lot of flavor and if you strain any fat from the soup you are increasing the healthiness while keeping the fat count down low. Most meats release fat and if you do not skim the fat from the end product then any health benefits you are looking for will fall to the wayside.

Healthy homemade soup is not difficult and if you prepare your own broth then you will have the first step accomplished. If you want to eat healthy soups then you must strive to have healthy ingredients and always attempt to cook them in the healthiest way. With all the soup recipes out there you have a wide selection and if you take the time to search you can find many healthy soup recipes that will fit your needs and even if they don’t then with some simple adjustments you can make the recipe both nutritious and healthy and it will be one that you will gladly serve to your family.

Broths are simple to make and if you love to have your own broth then always consider making a big batch on the weekend and you will have this broth for all your cooking endeavors throughout the week. Yes you can buy premade broth but many of these offerings have chemicals added to ensure a long shelf life. If you decide to make your own broth from chicken, beef, fish or vegetables then you can easily store them in the fridge and they can also be frozen and will stay for a couple of months well in the freezer if stored properly. Try to go to your local butcher and ask for beef bones and any other bones you may want to cook to make your broth. Whenever you have eaten shrimp or crab or lobster then consider saving the shells since they make a wonderful broth as well. You can gather and store them in the freezer and thaw them out when you are ready to make your broth. Homemade broth will allow for your own spices to be added thus giving you a broth that you know what the added ingredients are.

This bone broth from Vasun is made with the carcass of an older chicken that is a great idea since they make a great broth and are definitely more reasonably priced than a roasting chicken. If you have roasted a chicken then don’t be shy to keep the leftover bones and add them to your broth since they will already have some flavor on them. Thanks to Vasun of Cupcakes n Curries Blog for this yummy My Gran’s Bone Broth Recipe and bon apetit.**

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