My New Favorite Dinner Roll Recipe

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My New Favorite Dinner Roll Recipe may also become yours once you try it out for dinner tonight. This recipe benefits from the addition of a couple of ingredients that bump it up from simple rolls to a richer roll version that is still easy to make. Here, both sugar and eggs add to the flavor of the rolls. The sugar, even though it is a very small amount, will add a slightly sweet flavor to the roll as well as notes of caramel (because it is brown sugar). That enhances its flavor wonderfully. As well, eggs make dough both lighter and spongier, so these rolls will have the chewiness that eggs can bring as well as greater depth of flavor.

These rolls are still just as easy to make as if the ingredients were just yeast, water and flour, even with the extra ingredients, so do not be intimidated to try it out. Your family will gobble them up almost regardless of what you do, especially if you smother the rolls in butter, served warm from the oven. (Yum.) And a homemade roll says so much about the care and attention you have brought to the table. Your family will just love the special treatment. And it does not take nearly as long to make homemade rolls or bread, as it once did, because of the tremendous improvements to contemporary yeast.

Make these buns when you are at home and can wait for the dough to rise. It does not take a lot of time to do this, but starting in the mid afternoon is a good plan if you hope to serve these up for dinner. Of course, if they are finished later, you can likely expect that your family will discover room in their tummies to eat one, two or a few. Try this recipe out soon.

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