Nacho Supreme Soup

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This soup blends some hearty home made ingredients with some commercial soup to make this a quick and hearty meal that you can make up in minutes for you and your family. This Nacho Supreme Soup is just what you need on a day where you are running about, driving the kids here and there, or when you just need a boost mid-day for extra energy. There is a great blend of protein in the ground beef, lots of cheese for additional protein, calcium and magnesium, among other terrific components for your good health, as well as some yummy stuff like commercial cheese soup to ensure that this soup is rich, thick, and creamy. Every one will like it. And this is a great mid-day lunch for the kids, too, because it will fill them up and give them enough calories to get through the day with plenty of good energy.

This soup comes together in minutes, so you almost do not even need to think ahead of time to pull it together. Get the kids to help assemble all the ingredients and that will speed things up even more. They could even begin to chop the lettuce, pour out the extra cheese, tomatoes or other toppings you might want to serve along with the chips. Of course, they also set the table! This recipe includes refried beans, which are a highly nutritious food, loaded with fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates. Beans are of such high food value, especially black beans, that Brazil gives black beans their own place in its food charts. They are a spectacular food, and any way you can get your kids to eat more beans is a good way.

Enjoy this dish that takes just minutes to pull together, makes plenty for all, and is loaded with lots of goodness that you can be happy to feed your family. Try it out soon.

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