Nanny's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Cake

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Perhaps the best thing about Nanny's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Cake is the presentation. This cake is prepared in a bundt pan, which always makes the cake seem very special. Then it is smothered in a commercial fudge sauce, which you allow to pour over and down the sides of the chocolate brownie cake. The cake gets its name by using two different mixes, one a cake and the other a brownie, then blending them together with a few extra ingredients to contribute lightness and improve flavor and texture. Bake it up. And voila!

The distinctive ring shape and depth of the bundt cake makes it an impressive looking cake, and one that you can use to create a real show stopper. Put this large cake on a wonderful cake stand and it can really be a finishing touch to your table for special occasions. The bundt pan creates a truly elegant result. It was designed and popularized in the 1950s and has remained a popular design for cakes ever since. The pan was designed after a number of recipes where deep cakes made in the round were being made in different cultures, but the word, bundt, was apparently invented and trademarked by the original pan designer. There has been some debate that it might originate from the German, but we really don’t know.

In any event, the bundt cake is an impressive cake that will make an elegant contribution to any table. Serve cakes such as this one on serving dishes that will set the cake up above the table where it can be admired throughout the meal. Appetites will grow in anticipation of a piece of such a beautiful looking dessert. And this particular recipe is easy enough that even a beginning baker can try it and hope for a great result. Try it soon!

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