NEW! It's a GIANT Peanut Butter Cookie + Pie Crust + CANDY!!

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You now have a great and easy homemade cookies recipe to add to your repertoire. Homemade cookie recipes from scratch are a great way to expand your cooking acumen while keeping all the ingredients homemade and giving your diners a great dessert. Easy bake cookies recipe like this one from Dorothy are great since she walks you through the process but also allows for a pre made crust if you so choose. Easy homemade cookies are always a welcome scent that will permeate your home and get everyone excited for the finished product.

This recipe calls for candy, and peanut butter to be included and your diners, especially the little ones, will love that. Easy bake cookies recipe are also a great way to get your kids involved in the process. They can help with the prep and can also give their input as far as the ingredients go. As with every recipe you are always able to add things to it that you and your fellow eaters love. Homemade cookie recipes from scratch will always allow for changes to the recipe as far as ingredients go but always try to keep the amounts as true to the recipe as possible since baking is usually a pretty exact science. The next time your kids want to bake and their minds are set you can always get them involved and if you do you will all feel great since doing things together is a great way to bond. So when all of you are thinking of making cookies and need a new and exciting recipe then go ahead and try this one from Dorothy’s kitchen.

You will be happy with the small cooking and prepping window and the fact that peanut butter and your choice of candy are included is just another reason to give them a try. The beauty of this recipe and any other one you decide to make is in the availability of changing them up to align with your own specific health or taste needs. Baking is a great way to try new flavors and the more the merrier. Sometimes we are not up to baking and feel that buying cookies would be easier. When you consider the cost involved in buying the ingredients and the time spent making them you will quickly realize that the cost and time is not that great but the satisfaction of making your own is priceless. The best way to ensure the contents of the food you are eating is by making it yourself.

Nobody is as quality control fussy as you since you are always cognizant of what you and your loved ones are eating. Making food yourself from scratch is better than anything you buy premade because you can be sure of what you add to the recipe.Thanks to Dorothy of Crazy For Crust Blog for this yummy NEW! It’s a GIANT Peanut Butter Cookie + Pie Crust + CANDY!! Recipe and bon apetit.**

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