New York Steak Strips

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Make this New York Steak Strips recipe along with the mini portabella mushrooms that go with them and you will have a fabulous dinner for your family. Almost nothing is quite as delicious as a freshly made steak. Except perhaps when it is served with mushrooms. So this New York Steak Strips recipe will be greeted with lots of applause when you bring it to the table for dinner tonight. It is a quick and easy dish to make, as well, and gets better the more often you make it. So make it tonight, and then plan on making this New York Steak Strips recipe again and again for your family.

This New York Steak Strips recipe is a simple one to make. You just have to be sure that your pan is hot enough to sear the meat as soon as you put the steak on the pan in order to lock in the flavor and juices. Once that is done, you can use a thermometer to get the steak cooked as close to rare, medium or well done, as you desire (or as the kids like it). Then you make the mini portabella mushrooms, which will take only a couple of minutes. Again, the pan needs to be hot. And do not leave out the marsala wine; this wine adds a huge flavor boost, even as the liquor gets burned off as the mushrooms cook. The depth of the marsala wine flavors still linger once the alcohol is gone. And they make a huge difference to the great taste of mushrooms.

Mushrooms can be one of those flavors and textures that take some time to get used to, but once you start to learn to enjoy them, they can quickly become a very popular food item. And each variety of mushroom really tastes quite different from each other; so try plenty of varieties to find out which ones you and your family really enjoy. There are so many types beyond the simple button mushrooms, which, while delicious, are perhaps the simplest in flavors of all the mushrooms. And mushrooms bring plenty of nutrition, too, although most of us do not think of them in that way. The steak is an obvious nutritional powerhouse, providing us with protein, fats, and lots of vitamin B12. But the mushrooms also provide some great nutrition. Mushrooms are not actually plants, but fungi. They are loaded with anti-oxidant capacity; as much as any veggies such as carrots or even pumpkins. Mushrooms also contain fiber, potassium and vitamin C (another antioxidant) all of which contribute to heart health. So mushrooms are a great fungi to keep in the regular eating plan of your family.

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