No Bake Banana Cheesecake

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Here is another great summer recipe that you might want to try for your next BBQ, No Bake Banana Cheesecake.

Bananas are a fantastic fruit. They fascinate me in so many ways. There are different kinds such as the large fruit banana most of us are familiar with. But there are also the mini-bananas and plantains. Each offers its own particular value. Bananas go well with vegetables and other fruits, in desserts, like this one, and even main dinner dishes.

Bananas are pretty to look at with their bright green and then yellow color. As they ripen, they become ever sweeter and even black they can be used in shakes and banana breads. If you think you have left your bananas too long, do not fear. Peel back the jacket, chop the banana up and put it in a Ziploc and pop it in to your freezer. You can use it whenever you are ready.

Bananas pack a big nutritional punch. They are loaded with potassium, which helps to keep our hearts healthy and our blood pressure normal. They also help to keep cholesterol in check by inhibiting its absorption in to our bodies from other sources. Bananas are also considered a good source of fiber, another reason to eat plenty of them. Of course, theres also the flavor and its adaptability. Bananas are yummy alone, with peanut or cashew butter, chocolate, other nuts and many other foods. I love carrots cooked in orange juice and sprinkled with bananas and golden raisins.

Bananas are generally available in most places all year around. Theyre a good fruit too because, in addition to being full of nutrition and fiber, their taste often appeals to fussy eaters or those with sensitive digestive tracts. Chop a little of the fruit in some good quality yogurt and youve gone a long way to ensuring a snack filled with energy, protein, carbohydrates and other good nutrition for your children and family.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy bananas and perhaps fresh and raw in a pie with creamy filling is the best and most fun way to have them in the summer.

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