No Bake Banana Icebox Cake

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This No Bake Banana Icebox Cake recipe is gluten-free and a dreamy, creamy dessert that’s perfect for banana lovers. You'll notice how much your guests are going to love this banana dessert. There is something very pleasurably tasty yet healthy when you combine bananas in quick no bake desserts. The rich texture of banana in desserts is wholesome and adds a scrumptious thickness. Since bananas have such a unique flavor to them, it is best to use them as much as possible in quick no bake desserts. No-bake recipes are less fussy and easy to make for a perfect lazy Sunday afternoon meal or for just about any occasion. Because of the nutritional value of banana in the dessert, it is not only a great way of getting kids to eat healthily but also allows them to enjoy a much deserved sweet treat. This banana icebox recipe is healthy with real banana added to it and one of the best no bake treats. The nutritional value of banana mainly comes from potassium which helps maintain blood pressure levels and heart functioning.

This banana split ice cream cake recipe preparation is all about layering the ingredients until you achieve the typical icebox look to it. Since this dessert is eaten chilled, always refrigerate it for at least 4 hours or overnight to achieve the best result or just until the shortbread turns soft cake-y like texture. You can make it the night before serving, and the leftovers are still perfect for up to 3 days. You can add toppings of your choice in this banana dessert recipe. Assorted nuts like walnuts, toasted cashews and chopped almonds go well with this recipe. It’s also a fun way to incorporate extra nutrition as well. A few other toppings you can add are berries, peaches, maraschino cherries, grated coconut or even candy sprinkles. In the place of ‘Cool Whip,’ you can use organic heavy whipping cream with cane sugar for a healthy option. For extra firmness, add a tablespoon of instant vanilla pudding to the whipping cream. It is always better to prepare the banana pudding from scratch instead of using a store-bought instant pudding mix that contains preservatives, artificial colorings, and flavors.

There are so many ways to make this dessert interesting by choosing the crust that you like. Just follow what type of crust your palate loves the most. You can substitute the shortbread cookies with Graham crackers, ‘Digestive’ or ‘Rich Tea biscuits’, lady fingers, or any cookie that has a little cinnamon in it. Try using Oreos, or Sara Lee pound cake, Milk Arrowroots, Vanilla wafers, chocolate Graham crackers, soda crackers, etc., are all excellent options. This No Bake Banana Icebox Cake recipe tops the list of quick no bake desserts. Thank you to Dorothy Kern at the ‘Crazy for Crust’ food blog for sharing this banana split ice cream cake recipe with us. Do visit her blog for more quick no bake desserts. Make this treat today and go bananas!

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