No Bake Cherry Cheesecake Cookie Lasagna Dessert

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This No Bake Cherry Cheesecake Cookie Lasagna Dessert is a lovely no bake cheesecake recipe that you can serve anytime of the year. This easy cheesecake recipe is the perfect addition to any dessert table with all the best rolled into one of the best cheesecake recipes you'll try. The best thing about this cream cheese cheesecake recipe is that it is so easy to make, you know it's always going to turn out. This is a no bake cheesecake recipe that anyone from the novice cook to the more experienced cook can make. Cherries are such a great addition to this easy cheesecake recipe, bright and colorful and filled with plenty of nutritional goodness; they work well as a pie filling in this yummy cream cheese cheesecake recipe. You can just use the canned cherries for this how to make a cheesecake recipe idea, they look lovely together with the cool whip and softened cream cheese. Cherries are reasonably priced ingredient that is already prepared for you, so this best cheesecake recipe is affordable. It also gets help from some pre-packaged ingredients like cool whip and Nilla Wafers for the crust recipe. This is a great no bake cheesecake recipe to get the kids to help out with, whether it be with the crust recipe, the filling recipe or the topping. Another nice thing about this cream cheese cheesecake recipe is that by using a glass dish you can This dessert is so pretty show off the layers once they’re together. A lovely addition to any dessert table, with yummy flavors in every cheesecake bites.

In the United States, most of the sweet cherries that you find in stores are grown in Washington, Oregon, California, Wisconsin, and Michigan. The most popular varieties of sweet cherry cultivars include the Ulster, the Bing, Rainier cherries, Brooks cherries, Tulare, King, and Sweetheart. Sour cherries include the Evans and the Nanking cherry. Traverse City, Michigan is known to be the Cherry Capital of the World, and they host a National Cherry Festival every year and make the world's largest cherry pie.

Cheesecakes come in a variety of recipes, but typically there is a main cheesecake layer that is usually the thickest layer which typically consists of a mixture of soft, fresh cheese. Cream cheese cheesecake recipes will have cream cheese mixed in the filling recipe. Easy cheesecake recipe ideas can also include ricotta, eggs, and sugar which is usually used and if there is a bottom layer in the cheesecake recipe most often is made of a crust or base that has crushed graham cracker, cookies, pastry, or sponge cake as the base. Cheesecake recipes can be unbaked or baked. If a cheesecake recipe is unbaked, it is usually than refrigerated. Cheesecake recipes can be prepared in a variety of flavors, to include strawberry, cherry, pumpkin, key lime, chocolate or toffee.

Thank you to Danielle for the Hugs and Cookies recipe site for sharing this no bake cheesecake recipe for no bake cheesecake cookie lasagna. Danielle is a wife, and mother of two young boys with her family making up her official taste testing committee. Some of the recipes you will find on this recipe site include brunch recipes, appetizer recipes, cookie recipes, crock pot recipes, candy recipes, dessert recipes, and more. You will also find dinner recipes, side dish recipes, gluten free recipes, vegetable recipes, cookie recipes from scratch and more. Some of the other recipes you will find on the site include no bake cheesecake recipe, easy cheesecake recipe, the best cheesecake recipe, how to make cheesecake, cream cheese cheesecake and more. *

Nutrition Facts for: No-Bake Cherry Cheesecake Cookie Lasagna from Hugs and Cookies xoxo
Ingredients: Nilla Wafers, cream cheese, sugar, cool whip, cherry preserves, cherry pie filling.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 20 servings.* Per Serving:Calories 157, Calories from Fat 73, Total Fat 8.1g 12%, Saturated Fat 5.2g 26%, Cholesterol 13mg 4%, Sodium 70mg 3%, Potassium 55mg 2%, Carbohydrates 19.9g 7%, Dietary Fiber 0.2g 1%, Sugars 8.5g, Protein 1.4g, Vitamin A 5%, Vitamin C 2%, Calcium 1%, Iron 7%

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