No Bake Cookie Dough Fudge

Photo Credit: Jam Hands

Yes. You read that right. Cookie dough fudge. A cookie monster's dream. My dream. Every child's dream. Really, the ultimate dessert for a cookie lover. Or fudge lover. Growing up in a baking family, there were constantly baskets of treats being sent between the aunties and cousins of the family. One person would master the butter tart and send batches for holidays to the others. Another aunt would master the caramel popcorn and send bags to all the cousins of Christmas, but no one in all the years has come up with this combination that would likely be a hit for all the family members.

If you are someone who picks out the cookie dough chunks in 'cookie dough ice cream', then you probably also have clicked on this recipe to check out just how to make this masterpiece dessert from one of our favorite bloggers, Jam Hands.

What I love about this recipe:

1. It is NO BAKE! That;s right - there is no baking required and you get the raw cookie dough flavor that you are hoping for.

2. There are no eggs, so of course you don't have to get in a flutter about eating raw eggs or feeding them to someone.

3. The topping is white chocolate and peanut butter! if you are a peanut butter lover and saw this is for you too!

So, for the full list of ingredients and directions to make this yummy no bake peanut butter fudge, then head on over to the 'Jam Hands' website link below.

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