No Bake Fudge Brownie Cheesecake

Photo Credit: A Dash of Sanity

Okay, talk about a decadent dessert that everyone must have at least once in their lives! Summer is here and it’s time to celebrate! So let’s celebrate with this No Bake Fudge Brownie Cheesecake! Guaranteed: if you make this dessert to celebrate with, everyone who eats it is gonna celebrate YOU!

Yes, it’s true! It is simply that GOOD. Imagine the layers of flavour and the lovely variations of texture, the chewy chocolate brownie bottom, the creamy chocolate cheesecake middle, and the gooey hot fudge top! Imagine all of the sprinkled chocolate chips and the rich soothing coolness of this dessert on a hot summer’s day. Ahhhh…. The good things in life!

Sandra posted this beautiful No Bake Fudge Brownie Cheesecake over on her blog, “A Dash of Sanity”, because she truly is celebrating. Her husband just got a promotion at the school he teaches at. Yay! He’s moving up to the assistant principal position. He loves his job and Sandra loves that he loves his job, and this means they are both really happy. Any day’s a good day to break out this cheesecake, but this day was a particularly special one. Congratulations to Sandra and her husband! We’re so happy for you two! And congratulations on a fabulous blog, too, because it allows us to celebrate with you!So back to the cheesecake for a sec. It says no bake but we actually do need to bake the brownies first. Sandra has a lovely recipe for the brownies on her blog too – all easy access! There are a few steps to this recipe, but if you take your time and have fun with it, you’re gonna be well rewarded, we’re telling you!

Want the full recipe for this No Bake Fudge Brownie Cheesecake? Then head on over to the “A Dash of Sanity” website by following the link in the description below!

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