No Bake German Chocolate Bites

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This no bake German chocolate bites recipe is excellent if you love the taste of German chocolate cake recipes, but don’t have the time to make one, because they take a lot less time and fewer ingredients. In fact, this chocolate bite recipe takes only minutes to pull together, and then it is just a matter of refrigerating them to set the chocolate. This five-ingredient chocolate recipe is also suitable for several diets from gluten-free to paleo.

German chocolate cake recipes are typically layer cakes with a coconut and pecan frosting. They originated in the United States through the baker, Samuel German, because he wanted a cake recipe that he could use his dark chocolate product for. Today, German chocolate cake has been reincarnated in brownie recipes, cupcake recipe, and even in this German chocolate cookie recipe. Unlike classic German chocolate cake, however, these bites are healthy snacks, because they don’t contain an excess amount of fat or sugar. In fact, this healthy snack food doesn’t involve any sweetener at all, relying instead on the inherent stickiness of Medjool dates, which helps hold the bites together, but also adds sweetness. This chocolate bites recipe also doesn’t contain any flour at all, which means they are healthy snack foods for people requiring gluten-free diets as well. Most cocoa powder should not contain any gluten, but as always, check the label to ensure it wasn’t processed in any facilities where the cocoa could have come into contact with gluten. These chocolate bites are also an exceptional food choice to include with paleo diets, which involves fruits, vegetables, grass-fed meats, nuts, and seeds. Since this dessert recipe includes plant-based products, like coconut, dates, coconut oil, and cocoa powder, it fits with the Paleo lifestyle perfectly.

This chocolate recipe uses unsweetened shredded coconut, but part of what makes German chocolate cake recipes so delicious is the toasty nature of the nuts and coconut in the frosting. If you want to, feel free to toast the coconut in this healthy bites recipe until it is an even golden brown and very fragrant smelling, because this will enhance the coconut flavour in the bites. This healthy snack recipes is incredibly sticky, so a cookie scoop is best for placing the mix into rounds on a baking sheet, but feel free to use your hands as well. You can divide the dough into two-tablespoon portions for reasonably sized cookies, and then coat your hands with water, which will prevent sticking when you roll the dough into balls.

This cookie recipe would make a healthy lunch addition to children’s lunches, and they won’t notice the difference between them and store-bought cookies because they will still be getting a sweet taste from the dates. Dried dates are a healthier way of adding sweetness to desserts than refined sugars because they contain some nutrition, like potassium and dietary fibre. One ounce of dates can give you three grams of your daily-recommended intake of fibre and six percent of your DRI of potassium. Thank you to Melissa, the author of ‘My Whole Food Life’, for teaching us how to incorporate healthy desserts into out diet, like this no bake German chocolate bites recipe.**

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