No Bake Irish Banana Cream Pie

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What is the Irish in No Bake Irish Banana Cream Pie, you ask? I had the same question since I am both Irish and love Banana Cream pie under pretty much any conditions. This recipe especially intrigued me since it was no bake. For me that always means a trial run the same day. After all, why wait? Its no bake.

As it turns out, a secret ingredient and because the creator, Aimee, was thinking about St. Patricks Day and what to prepare for it, we have this creative combination that ended up as the pie we have for you today. It is a fun take on traditional banana cream pie and has the extra benefit of being quick and easy to make. The special ingredient could be substituted with simply milk or half and half cream. You can decide when you read the recipe what will work best for you and your family.

Nilla wafers are used to build a crumb pie base. This is another advantage to the recipe. Although traditional crusts are delicious and work with almost any pie, the cookie crumb bases are quicker and more fool proof. Its a good place to start if you are new to baking. Traditional crusts, especially ones made with butter rather than shortening can be quite the challenge. Here, the pressure is off with this easy and delicious alternative. Other crumbs can be used, too, as recipe creator, Aimee, suggests on her website.

This recipe is kid friendly too. Little hands can help to roll or crush cookies and taste testing is always an important consideration. Who knows but the cookies might not be fresh enough for the pie, but just right for eating on the spot? Only kids under 10 know for sure. Older children can help make the filling, which takes a bit of time on the stove top and careful attention so that it doesnt burn.

Fresh bananas are a must, of course, so make sure you have plentyone to share, and the rest to chop up in the pie. Bananas are a wonderful complement to creamy fillings and toppings and taste great with Nilla wafers. You can test taste ahead of time to be sure the flavor combination is one you will love. Then head to the website and get this pie made today!

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