No Bake Peanut Butter Eclair Cake

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An éclair is a classic French pastry made with profiterole dough that is eggy and bakes up airy and wonderfully light. This recipe puts a great new twist on an old classic to bring you a no bake peanut butter éclair cake for dinner tonight. The traditional éclair is a profiterole piped out as a long line on a pan and before baking looks a bit like a hot dog. The eggy dough puffs high during baking and, once baked, the inside can be piped full of Bavarian cream (or other creams). Sometimes there can be up to three different creams in very fancy éclairs including a plain cream, chocolate and raspberry, among other combinations. The top of the éclair is almost always iced with a chocolate icing. They are refrigerated because of the cream where they get a bit firmer, easier to hold and produce a nice bite when you dig in to them. This dessert recipe plays on this older dessert and is a lot easier to produce.

The no bake peanut butter éclair cake recipe gets a bit of help with some pre-packaged ingredients. Most of them can be purchased as organic ingredients, if you prefer. They make the job of making the cake much easier. There are also graham wafers in the recipe. Be sure to butter one or two to munch as you make this great dessert. All of the ingredients are layered so if you have a glass bowl use it to show off the layers and make this dessert look even more enticing. Of course there is whipping cream to make it a smooth and creamy dessert. The addition of mini peanut butter cups will bring plenty of little hand helpers in to the kitchen so be sure to have extras to pay off the staff!This cake is wonderful, simple, pretty and made with peanut butter. That’s the perfect flavor against chocolate for kids in the summer time. Why not make some tonight? It’s quick, easy and affordable, and as noted, where mini peanut butter cups are concerned, there is probably also going to appear lots of helping hands to get this made for tonight. Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Shugary Sweets, by following the link below.

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