No Bake Samoa Eclair Cake

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Sometimes a cake just has a crazy name and you have to go with it. So go with this recipe for a no bake Samoa éclair cake, and discover a new treat for you and your family. This special cake is made in multiple layers that will serve up a lovely texture and taste when allowed to chill a few hours in the fridge. Why not make in the morning, chill it in the fridge throughout the day, and serve it up tonight after dinner (with, of course, a big sample piece for yourself (and any helpers) late in the day with a cuppa . . . quality control, don’t you know)!

This is a great recipe for little helpers of many sizes. As always, arm yourself with extra graham wafers as payment, possibly served with butter or cream cheese or jam (maybe all three) to help pull this recipe together. There is help needed with layering the graham wafers, stirring the pot, and possibly even spreading the filling (with fingers test tasting here and there).

Once put together, chill this cake for a few hours, at least. That will allow the graham wafers to soften a bit, since the texture should not be a crunch, but a tender bite. This does take a few hours to occur. That also gives time for the complementary tastes of caramel and chocolate to merge a bit and smooth out. This cake is quick and easy to make and little people can help out here and there. So make it a fun few hours and put it together with helping hands. Then, together you can enjoy your creation with the rest of the family tonight.

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