No Bake Snickers Caramel Apple Pie

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Uh oh. A no bake. No bake sweets of any kind are always dangerous because they can be made quicker than you can measure your waist line. This delight is no exception, so here we go with this No Bake Snickers Caramel Apple Pie that will please every appetite on your list today. Even if you do not plan on any baking today, take a moment to check out Raining Hot Coupons’ website. The photo of this completed pie is wonderful and worth a moment to admire. It illustrates the sharp green apples on a graham wafer crust, mounded with whipped cream and topped with chopped snickers. How could you go wrong? And all of this in a no bake package. Uh oh. Here we go!

This recipe can use the help of little hands. There are plenty of tasks that the tiny ones can do. First on their list will be checking and counting the snickers bars to be sure there are enough. Enough for them to eat plenty while you do the hard work, we mean! But much of the recipe is about sprinkling things across the pie shell, and small helpers can do that easily. With a bit of snickers in one fist, and some apple in the other, they will be great.

This recipe blends tart Granny Smith apples with sweet snickers bars and smooth and creamy whipped cream. It has crunch from the apples, chewiness from the caramel and creamy deliciousness from the chocolate. There will not be a person in your home who will not want to try a bite of this easy to make, no bake pie. Try it soon, especially in the hot weather when the crisp and juicy flavor of the apples will contrast nicely against the creamier snickers pieces. Make sure you chill this well before serving and give the pie lots of time to sit in the fridge where the flavors can come together fully.

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