No Bake Triple Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chewy Cereal Bars

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The classic tastes of chocolate and peanut butter combine in this no-bake triple peanut butter and chocolate chewy cereal bars recipe. These bars were created by Averie, the author of the Averie Cooks recipe blog, because she loves chewy, gooey no bake treats and she likes to post variations of them. In the case of this dessert recipe, cornflakes are combined with peanut butter, corn syrup and other sugars before being pressed into a baking dish and topped with a chocolate-peanut butter topping. The method is similar to making rice krispie squares where everything is combined with a sticky sauce and allowed to cool and set. These bars will be a tasty addition to kid’s lunches, as well as a delicious dessert that everyone will enjoy. If you would like simple dessert recipes to take you through the week, these bars will become one of your favourites because of their easy preparation.

Since these easy desserts are not baked, they rely on something sticky to bind them. The peanut butter does a relatively good job of binding the bar recipe, but won’t be enough to bind the mixture into dense, easy-to-slice bars. As a result, white corn syrup is added, which has a neutral flavour and syrupy consistency that mixes into the cornflakes easily. If you aren’t a fan of using corn syrup in your dessert recipes, there are easy substitutions you can make which won’t be different calorically, but will at least have some extra nutrition to them. Unpasteurized honey is a great choice if you would prefer to use a natural sweetener that is nutritious. It has more flavour, though, but shouldn’t overtake the taste of the peanut butter. Alternatively, agave syrup or maple syrup could be workable substitutes.

For any bar recipe, you will want to be able to remove them from the pan easily. Averie smartly recommends using aluminum foil to line the pan allowing some overhang over the sides. That way you will be able to lift the bars out and slice them without the sides of the pan getting in the way. An even better way of lining would be to use parchment paper instead since it will stay more smooth on the bottom and is sturdier to lift while aluminum foil tears easily. You can use this method for all dessert bar recipes you decide to make in future for easy removal. Topping these bars will be the best part of making them as Averie adds a pretty swirled pattern on top. A chocolate mixture is spread over the bars, while the peanut butter is dolloped on top and swirled into the chocolate for an attractive appearance. Although this may seem challenging, you can just use a small offset spatula to spread the chocolate over the bars evenly, and use a toothpick, bamboo skew or tip of a knife to swirl the peanut butter in. Next, you will want to try a similar technique on all your favourite dessert recipes.

Whenever you require quick desserts to take to a party or have ready for lunches of desserts, remember this chocolate peanut bar recipe with its marble top. These are crisp, chewy and decadent at the same time, and will be a pleasing dessert for both children and adults. The best component about this dessert recipe is that is can be suitable for gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan diets if you purchase the right brand of cornflakes. Thank you to Averie, the author of the Averie Cooks recipe blog, for sharing her triple peanut butter and chocolate bar recipe with us.

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