No Bake White Chocolate Almond Butter Squares

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It’s the middle of summer and it’s hot outside! And if you don’t have air conditioning, it’s pretty freakin’ hot inside too. That’s why we’re not turning on our ovens for anything or anybody – nope, no way, no how! And that’s why we’re absolutely loving this fabulous recipe for No Bake White Chocolate Almond Butter Squares. This dessert couldn’t be any easier, cooler, or more delicious!

This lovely recipe for No Bake White Chocolate Almond Butter Squares (wow that’s a mouthful!) is so easy, even the kids can do it. Why not get them involved? They can help out this time, and who knows? Maybe next time they can do it themselves!

There are a few tips and tricks to use with this recipe that you’ll want to know before getting started. First, it’s recommended that you line your pan with wax paper before pouring the mixture in – that way, you’ll just need to lift it out once it’s set. Easy as pie – er – as butter squares, that is!

Secondly, melting your white chocolate can be a bit trickier than melting darker chocolate. If you want to use white chocolate chips, then melting them in the microwave could be your best bet. Be sure to read the whole recipe for the full scoop on melting them properly, otherwise you might end up with a few unmelted chips!

Thirdly, if you’re not the biggest fan of white chocolate, you can mix and match with this recipe! Instead of using white chocolate chips, you could use semi-sweet chocolate or milk chocolate. Or, if you really want to be different, you could try butterscotch or peanut butter chips instead – or a blend of both chocolate and peanut butter or chocolate and butterscotch! Mmmmmm….

Want to start baking your own White Chocolate Almond Butter Squares? Then head on over to the “The View from Great Island” website by following the link in the description below!

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