No Onion, No Cry. Finally a Solution to Kitchen Tears

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Okay, so you thought it was goggles right? Or how about rinsing your onion under cold water? Over the hears I have heard many tips for cutting onions without crying and some of them seem to work pretty well, so I will put them here..but keep in mind that this 'solution' has nothing to do with tips and tricks, but everything to do with genetics.

Tips for cutting onions without crying:

1. Chill or freeze the onion before cutting (about 10 minutes before is all that is needed)

2. Wear swim or snowboard goggles (I like the bigger snowboard goggles, because then you don't get circles around your eyes)

3. Light a candle nearby (the flame is meant to take away some fumes that cause tears)

4. Stick a piece of bread in your mouth (apparently the bread will also absorb the onion fumes)

5. Cut onions under water.. ?..(never tried this one)

6. Use a very very sharp knife (so you make a cleaner cut and release less fumes)

7. Run a fan that blows the fumes away

8. Rub lemon juice on the knife before cutting

9. Leave the root on until the end (this is where most the fumes are concentrated).

Now to the real reason for this article, the solution to absolutely no tears when cutting onions. Get this: a perfectly bred red onion that is milder and sweeter and has taken Alastair Findlay (farmer) over 20 years breeding to develop. He needed to taste over 400 onions bulbs a year for the past 20 years until he has finally nailed it. The British grocery stores will soon be stocking these milder and sweeter red onions.

The thing we love most: they are NOT genetically modified, they are a product of 20 years of careful breeding. Want to learn more about these onions, check out the website link below to 'Take Part'.

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