No-Bake Buckeye Bars Recipe

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Do you need a super simple recipe to make but don't feel like doing a bunch of work? Check out this awesome and easy No-Bake Buckeye Bars Recipe! There are times when you just want a sweet treat, and if you have a crazy sweet tooth like me, you like to have one almost every day! Most people do like to have a little dessert after dinner, it has just become something we do in our society. My grandmother always had a deep freeze full of treats she would make ahead of time and I could always have one thing each day as long as I had some healthy food too, which wasn't hard, because I love veggies and fruits too!

These No-Bake Buckeye Bars, seem super simple to make and don't have too many crazy ingredients, so they can be whipped up in minutes. So they would be perfect for that after dinner last minute treat you make for everyone to enjoy, or that last minute dessert you make to bring to an event or dinner party. These would be guaranteed to be a hit anywhere you bring them, so its a safe bet on making this recipe, that people will love them!

The ingredients are fairly simple, just some peanut butter, some chocolate and pretzel sticks, people always love the sweet and salty combo, the pretzel sticks mixed with chocolate AND peanut butter would be so good together. I would even maybe add some salted caramel sauce on top for an added flavour! Wouldn't that be perfect with these? Buckeye candy is a type of candy that has chocolate and peanut butter in them, and they resemble a buck eye seed from the buckeye tree! So essentially, these bars have the flavours of the buckeye candy, but made into a bar!

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