No-Bake Hershey's Chocolate Bar Pie

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Sometimes when you see a recipe you cannot decide whether to moan or groan. This no-bake Hershey’s chocolate bar pie will make you moan because you know just how scrumptious it is going to taste, but you may groan about the calories you also know you are going to take in with this yummy-for-my-tummy delight. But that’s okay. Sometimes you just have to moan and go with it. That is what is in store for you today. Hershey’s is a great American chocolate company that was established in 1894 in Pennsylvania. It manufactures more chocolate than any other company in North America. Did you know that the cocoa bean that is used for making all the chocolate in the world comes from a narrow band around the equator called the chocolate belt? If you ever have the chance to try a roasted bean, usually sold as a nib, you will immediately see how the creamy and buttery flavor comes to be in chocolate. The bean is quite pungent and flavorful for that reason. More than three million tons of cocoa are produced each year to appease the desire (uh . . . the need?) for chocolate that most of us have. Almost everyone loves the flavor of chocolate, and it is actually good for us to eat. That is, if you eat chocolate that contains at least 70 percent cocoa. Chocolate contains caffeine that can help keep you alert, and also plenty of antioxidants. It is thought to play a role in cardiovascular health and lower rates of heart disease and some cancers. So eat your chocolate!

This particular recipe uses the Hershey chocolate bar with almonds, but you can likely use the bar of your choice. Melting and blending in the chocolate is fairly tricky; be sure the chocolate is melted fully and then cools for the amount of time the recipe calls for. This melted chocolate is then blended in to the whipped cream. That gives it a beautiful light caramel color that the photos on the web page show off to full advantage. After blending the chocolate the whole thing is added to a shell that you can find out how to prepare at the site, and then decorated so that you and your family will find it impossible to resist for dinner tonight. Find out the rest of the details on the site, and enjoy!Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, The Kitchen Is My Playground, by following the link below.

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