No-Bake Italian Cream Cake

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You will love this no-bake Italian cream cake recipe with a creamy pineapple filling sandwiched between wafers and then topped with whipped topping and a load of coconut. This easy no-bake dessert recipe is sure to be your new favorite. For this no-bake Italian cream cake, you will need about two boxes of vanilla wafers to complete the cake. You won’t use the entire second box, but these wafer cookies are versatile and can be used in other dessert recipes, they also make great cookie crumbs so you can substitute them for graham cracker crumbs in crust recipes. This recipe has the tart bite of pineapple, and fresh lemon juice in the filling for additional tartness. If you’re not a fan of coconut, chopped pecans can be used as a substitution. You can also enjoy this no-bake dessert frozen, and won’t go runny if you’ve frozen it and then decide you like it better just chilled. Real whipped cream may be substituted for the non-dairy whipped topping. You can use maraschino cherries on top as a garnish; they will look lovely with the coconut topping.

To make homemade whipped cream, you will need some heavy whipping cream and some good quality vanilla extract. Make sure to leave the cream in the refrigerator right up until you're ready to whip it. When ready, measure the cream into the bowl of a stand mixer or a metal bowl, then add the vanilla and other flavorings. Start by whipping and increase the mixer speed to medium. For the first several minutes, the cream will be very frothy and bubbly. Then after about 4 to 5 minutes you will start to see trails in the heavy cream that will not immediately dissolve after the whisk moves this is a good thing. Keep whipping, and after about 6 to 7 minutes soft peaks should form. After about 7 to 8 minutes, you will watch as firm peaks form, and become stiffer and stiffer. The whipped cream will start to take on volume, and if you take the whisk out of the cream, the peaks in the whipped cream will hold firmly but have slightly softened tips. This is usually the best stage to stop whipping and serve the whipped cream. You can use this homemade whipped cream as you normally would use whipped cream, on top of desserts and for use in dessert recipes. You will love the taste of it. Try and use a good quality vanilla extract if you can, it will make all the difference in the flavour of the whipped cream recipe.

Nutrition Facts for: No-Bake Italian Cream Cake from The Midnight Baker

Ingredients: Vanilla wafers, crushed pineapple, sweetened condensed milk, fresh lemon juice,whipped cream. Using 2 cups ground wafers and 1 cup coconut.

* The entire recipe has been calculated for 12 servings.

* Per Serving: Calories 262, Calories from Fat 103, Total Fat 11.4g 18%, Saturated Fat 6.9g 35%, Cholesterol 32mg 11%, Sodium 111mg 5%, Potassium 245mg 7%, Carbohydrates 37.5g 13%, Dietary Fiber 1.5g 6%, Sugars 29.7g, Protein 4.4g, Vitamin A 5%, Vitamin C 44%, Calcium 13%, Iron 8%

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