No-Bake Mint Chocolate Chip Pie

Photo Credit: The Kitchen Is My Playground

With a blog name like this one, The Kitchen is My Playground, is it any wonder to find a no-bake mint chocolate chip pie? The creators clearly had a lot of fun developing this summery, light, creamy dessert. The blend of chocolate and mint is a longstanding favorite of mine and many other people, too. I love the slightly peppery flavor of chocolate combined with the coolness of mint. Of course, who doesn’t? This pie is a no-bake treat, so it is quick and easy to pull together. That also means that young helpers can do a few things and make a contribution to tonight’s dinner. There is some work at the stove, on the stove top, that older bakers might be able to manage, but always be careful when working with chocolate or chocolate based ingredients. They can often burn very easily.

Here, mint flavors are worked into a whipped topping then mounded in to a chocolate pie shell. A wonderful texture is achieved with the crumbly piecrust and the addition of chocolate chips. A few other great ingredients round out this pie. It is pretty to look at and good enough to serve to guests or casual enough to bring to a summer BBQ. Nothing says summer time quite like a pie, and especially one that is full of whipped cream. There is something so uniquely delicious about a mouthful of creamy yet foamy, light but filling, whipped cream. And it comes in so many variations from pure cream that you can whip yourself to a multitude of frozen varieties that range from full fat to watch-the-waist line! You can choose which ones your family prefers and with the low or no fat types you can indulge too. There are actually quite a few varieties of mint. They include peppermint, which is well known, crème de menthe, and spearmint, to name a few of them. And did you know that February 19 has been declared, Chocolate Minty Day, by the US National Confectioner’s Association? It is not clear who first combined the two flavors, but today you can find mint patties, chocolate bars, candies and wide assortment of other minty treat. So, mark February 19 on your calendar, practice up by making this pie, and be ready!

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