No-Rub Magic Cleaner & Degreaser for Your Kitchen Hood

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You've finally decided that it’s time to tackle the stove hood and make it look like new again. The only trouble is, this cleaning project is not always so easy to do. That is why you will be sure to love this cleaning tip and DIY idea for a magic no-rub recipe that will help dissolve that pesky grease in no time. This is one cleaning tip you can't live without, and it is so easy to make. To start, you will want to gather up your ingredients for this natural house cleaner. You will need distilled white vinegar, baking soda, Dawn liquid dish soap, and water. The tools that you will need include a large pot, tablespoon, wooden spoon, soft scrubber, brush or old toothbrush and kitchen cloth. Start by removing the filters from the kitchen hood before you begin to clean. To help protect your kitchen countertop, place a kitchen cloth underneath your ingredients. Little hot water and some of the natural house cleaner may spill as you move the filters and spoons around. Get your materials ready and put them next to the stove. You are now ready to make this natural house cleaner for the kitchen hood. For the full step by step instructions for this diy idea, you will want to take a look at the Hometalk site.

Cleaning the kitchen hood is a cleaning task that often gets put off, unfortunately, the longer you wait to get this cleaning done the more difficult it will be to clean. That is because the purpose of a kitchen range hood filter is to collect grease, so if the hood filter is doing its job correctly, it's going to look and feel, greasy. Over time the hood filter may become so blocked with grease that the filter will lose its effectiveness, which is why it's important to clean these hood filters periodically. The following are some of the other cleaning tips that you can use Dawn liquid dish soap.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner. Dawn liquid dish soap can be added to water to help clean ceramic tile and no-wax/linoleum floors. You can also use a spray with Dawn liquid soap and water to spray on bathroom and kitchen counters and sinks. Use this spray for woodwork to include baseboards, wainscotting and shelves. You can also use this all-purpose cleaner for bathtubs and toilet seats.

Pre-Treat Oily Stains on Clothes. For oil-based stains to include grease, lipstick, butter, cooking oil, and motor oil, apply some Dawn liquid dish soap directly to the laundry stain and scrub with a small brush or toothbrush until the oil is removed, and then wash as usual.

Remove Paint and Grease from Hands. Dawn liquid soap combined with some vegetable oil makes for a great diy idea for paint or grease remover. Simply combine these two ingredients in your hands then rub it over the affected areas. The vegetable oil and the Dawn dishwashing liquid will both help to dissolve the grease and the paint and leave the skin soft, unlike harsher paint removers.

Repel Ants. Make a natural house cleaner with water and Dawn liquid dish soap. You can u se this natural house cleaner to spray on kitchen counter tops, and cupboards to help repel ants. Spray the DIY idea for ant control in the areas where you find ants. Wipe the solution dry after spraying. The slightly soapy residue that remains afterwards will not be an issue for kids or pets, but the ants hate it. You will find this natural house cleaner and degreaser for your kitchen hood at the Hometalk site. On the site, you will find cleaning tips, natural house cleaners, DIY ideas, repair tips, gardening tips and so much more. **

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