No-Rub Magic DIY Cleaner and Degreaser for your Kitchen Hood

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These days more and more people are looking to natural cleaners for all of their house cleaning tips and cleaning projects. The kitchen hood is a place that can get extremely dirty, with grease that is often difficult to remove. The good news is that there are natural cleaners that you can try, using simple ingredients that you most likely already have in the kitchen cabinets. There is no need for expensive and toxic cleaning supplies. Instead, you can make this natural cleaner for cleaning. This natural cleaner and DIY idea use Dawn liquid soap and white vinegar, along with baking soda. This easy, natural cleaner doesn’t require any elbow grease, just four simple ingredients is all you need. For the full step by step natural cleaner, you will want to take a look at the Hometalk site. The following are just some of the step for this easy to make cleaner.

To make this natural cleaner you will want to start by gathering up your ingredients. You will need some distilled white vinegar, baking soda, Dawn liquid dish soap, the blue color is recommended, and some tap water. For this DIY idea, you will also need a large pot, the tallest you have, a tablespoon, a wooden spoon, a soft sponge or soft scrubber, a brush or old toothbrush, and a kitchen cloth. To start you will want to remove the kitchen hoods to clean. It is a good idea to protect your kitchen countertop, to place a kitchen cloth underneath your natural cleaner ingredients. A little hot water and some natural cleaner may spill as you move the hood filters and spoons around. Get your cleaning materials ready and then put them next to the stove. Now it’s time to make the natural cleaner. Then you want to add the water to the pot and bring the water to a boil. Grab the tallest pot that you have in your kitchen; you want a pot that will allow the hood filters to fit in the best. Then start making this DIY idea for the kitchen hood natural cleaner by filling the pot with some tap water. The water you put into the pot does not have to be hot, as you are going to heat it up anyway. Don’t fill the pot all the way up to the top; you want to leave at least two inches clearance off the top. The baking soda in the natural cleaner is going to fizz, and you don’t want it to spill all over the stove. Put the pot on the stove, then turn the flame on and wait a few minutes.

The next step for this natural cleaner is to add the white vinegar. Get a cup, you don't need a measuring cup and then fill it up with some white vinegar. Then add the white vinegar to the warm water. White vinegar is one of the best natural cleaners and works well at removing grease, especially when it is combined with Dawn dish soap. A house cleaning tip is not to wait until the water is about to boil. Lukewarm water is just fine., as you will still need to put the dish soap and baking soda in before it gets too hot. Then add the liquid dish soap. Grab the tablespoon you have and measure one full tablespoon of Dawn liquid dish soap. Add the dish soap to the warm water. It is recommended to use the classic blue Dawn soap. You will find the full tutorial on the Hometalk site.

You will find this natural cleaner on the Hometalk site. On the site, you will find DIY ideas, gardening tips, natural cleaners, house cleaning tips, organizing tips, home decor and so much more. **

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