Nutty Baklava

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Who can resist and flaky, honey soaked, piece of heaven called baklava? I know I sure can't, it's one of my favourite deserts actually, and now I can maybe try my hand at making it myself, with this Nutty Baklava recipe from A Dash of Sanity. It's not the author's recipe, but her best friend's from her own self published cook book. Her baklava in the photos she has on her food blog look really amazing and pretty much perfect from what I can tell in my baklava expertise, which only goes as far as eating it, I have never made it though, as it seems very intimidating and intense to make. The author was more afraid to try it than make it by the sounds of it though! I am the opposite, I love baklava, but even though I love to bake, it seems like it might be a difficult one, with all of the layers of phyllo pastry, and the sticky honey and nuts!

This recipe makes it easier, using store bought phyllo pastry, which takes out a huge step in having to make it all, I am not sure where I would begin! The recipe does seem fairly easy, and seems like the phyllo pastry is pretty easy to handle after all. It definitely wouldn't be as flaky as it is when it is cooked obviously, so that would make it easier to handle. And you layer it in a pan, which would help to keep it all together too, so that makes it a lot easier. It's not totally clear on where exactly baklava came from, but the Greek and Turkish fight over whether it came from one or the other. There is a long standing debate on where it came from, but one thing people usually don't argue over is how awesome it tastes!

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