Oatmeal Scotchie Brookies

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A very fast way to my heart is if your brownie game is on point. The absolutely fastest way is if you bake cookies on top of those brownies. Thats exactly what Dorothy Kerns Oatmeal Scotchie Brookies are: brownies topped with oatmeal scotchie cookies.

I'm like Dorothy in that I have such reverence (see: am a complete slave to) baked desserts, when deciding what to make, I am often left in paralysing, agonizing fear that I will select the wrong recipe and forever be plagued by crippling bakers remorse. The solution this problem is simple: create mash-ups. Why just settle for cookies or brownies when you could have cookies and brownies. Something I really like to add to my brownies - that is not mentioned in Dorothys article is a banana. For me, bananas just make everything better. I put them in my oatmeal, on my peanut butter and toast (a la Elvis Presley), in my chocolate chip muffins, and I love a good, old-fashioned chocolate dipped carnival banana. One day, I decided I would try them in my brownies and OMG. Not only did it taste amazing, if you use a more ripe banana, you can actually go a little bit easier on the oil (if the recipe calls for it) and the brownies actually turn out a little bit more dense. If bananas aren't your bag, this recipe is already awesome enough.

This recipe is delightfully easy. Brownie mix, plus oatmeal cookie mix and butterscotch chips (or cinnamon chips, or chocolate or any kind of chip your heart desires). Scoop a ball of cookie dough on top of the brownie batter and bake!Ok, its slightly more involved than that, so follow the link at the bottom of this article to the Crazy for Crust website to find out exactly how to get started. Enjoy!

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