Off grid cabin under $10,000

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This lovely wood cabin is the perfect design for an off grid life. This DIY wood cabin kit is made of high-quality timber and can be used all year-round. This DIY wood cabin kit can accommodate a variety of uses from a backyard gym, a backyard pool house, a guest house, a home office, an artist’s studio, hunting or fishing cabin, a man cave, writers retreat and more. The off-grid house is $6,500. The one room wood cabin is 136 square feet.

All of these wood cabin kits on the Green Garden Chicken site are designed for do-it-yourself assembly that can usually be built by two adults in a day or two depending on the size of the wood cabin model. However, you can also get your wood cabin kit built by Green Garden Chicken who offer a complete assemble service by their trained and experienced installation crew. Whichever option you choose for your off grid house they will provide you with complete support. These adorable wood cabin kits are one of the most environmentally friendly wood home kits available on the market. The company is committed to protecting the environment and sustainable forests, with at least five trees being replanted for every tree that is harvested.

For these wood cabin kits, there is no interior finishing that is needed. The wood cabin kits are made out of durable, dense wood grain and slow grown Nordic Spruce. The off-grid house has a covered patio that is optional. In this off grid, wood cabin kit the floor and roof construction materials are included. Also included in the wood cabin kit are the prehung and glazed door and windows, the pre-assembled gables, All of the nails, screws, fixings, handles and door lock. The wood cabin kit comes with easy to follow instructions. Using Nordic Spruce for these wood cabin builds is a good option as the surface of sawn spruce is uniformly pale. The dry-knotted section of the Spruce trunk is short, and the dry knots are small. Spruce planks and the boards have few arris knots; they are small and easy to plane. Spruce is a straight grained wood, and the wood does not rise with sanding, cutting, planing, or painting. Nordic Spruce is a good option for wood cabin buildings in wood that is slowly grown and known to be durable and long lasting. Moisture penetrates Spruce slowly, and the wood is durable on facades. Correctly sawn, Spruce will not warp easily.

The off-grid wood cabin is just one of the cabins you will find on the Green Garden Chicken site. On the site you will also find garden and outdoors, solar and wind, off-grid solar kits, grid tie solar kits, off grid houses and so much more. Whether you are looking for an off grid house to spend quality time away with family and friends, or a wood cabin to use as a backyard guest house, artist studio or office, there are several different wood cabin options available. **

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