Oh So Easy Cheeseburger Sliders

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This sliders recipe is so easy to make, and a recipe you'll be sure to make again. It is so easy to make and is the perfect recipe to use as an appetizer over the holidays, or for a party that you are heading to. This slider food idea yields 12 sliders, so it makes a good amount to serve plenty of people. These cheeseburger sliders are the recipe that dreams are made. With soft Hawaiian rolls that are stuffed with extra cheesy beef, and butter and a mustard glaze to go on top. These sliders are so easy, and they come together in just a few minutes. For this cheeseburger slider food idea, you will need 80 percent lean ground beef, package onion soup mix, Hawaiian dinner rolls, mayonnaise, and sharp cheddar cheese. For the butter glaze, you will need butter, minced dried onion, Worcestershire sauce, dijon mustard and sliced dill pickles.

When it comes to making the best hamburger recipes you want to be sure and start with the best ground beef possible. And when looking for the best ground meat, you don't have to worry about words such as Kobe or Angus. You can buy the best ground beef at your local neighborhood butcher or the supermarket. They key to finding the best ground meat is you want the beef that was ground right there in the store where you are buying it, preferably that day. And you also want the proper blend of fat to lean. What you want to avoid is purchasing those plastic-sealed tubes of ground beef that are called chubs. Those are the food products that are always being recalled, and when it comes to ground meat, you just don't want to risk that. The same goes for those preformed hamburger patties, whether they are fresh or frozen. If that ground meat product is ground at a large packaging facility that is somewhere seven states away and then shipped to your local store on a truck, you have no idea the ground meat you are getting, and most importantly, there is no accountability. Whereas a local neighborhood butcher is grinding the hamburger meat and selling it to you while you are watching. Yes, buying ground beef for your best hamburger recipes is a lot of trust.

So if you go to your local butcher, you can buy freshly ground beef that was ground up right there in the store. Some supermarkets also offer this as well, and that's what you want. The ground meat will be on display behind the glass in the meat case, and they will weigh out the amount of ground meat you want and wrap it up for you. The perfect blend of ground beef is 80/20. You want to make sure you get 80/20 ground beef, which means that the ground meat is 80 percent lean, and 20 percent fat. That might sound like a lot of fat, but a large amount of that fat in the ground meat is going to render out as you cook it, with the result being a moist, juicy hamburger or slider. As it happens, beef chuck meat is right at the perfect blend of 80/20, so if they are selling ground chuck, it makes your decision that much easier. And as for those trays of ground beef that they sell at the supermarket, some of those trays re not so great, but some of them are exactly what you want.

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