Oh So Easy Pineapple Cream Cake

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You have to try out this Oh So Easy Pineapple Cream Cake from the Taste Better From Scratch food blog. This Pineapple Cream Cake is a fabulous rich and creamy cake that will appeal to every one at your dinner table tonight for a nice after dinner treat. Its always so nice to have a good bundle of dessert recipes on hand to make for after dinner treats whether you are feeding a crowd of you are feeding just the members of your family, people love to have a little sweet after their meal to end the evening on a sweet note. This is also another perfect recipe for the beginner baker who is just starting to get a feel for baking cakes and dessert recipes and who just wants a simple recipe to try out. This is one of the pineapple desserts that uses a commercial boxed mix in the recipe. The boxed mix will turn out to be anything but boring when it gets a flavour boost by adding some extra ingredients into the recipe to give it a homemade touch. The frosting for this cake recipe is an interesting blend that begins with a pudding mix which can also be easily bought at the grocery store and made at home. The recipe for pineapple dessert has ingredients that can come together easily for an amateur baker and teach him or her plenty about baking in the mean time.

There is a lot to learn about baking dessert recipes after all. The measuring is down to a science and you have to make sure that all of the quantities of ingredients are spot on, especially for more complicated recipes like pastries and pie crusts. Cookie recipes can also be quite finicky and some cookie recipes rely on the exact required amounts of ingredients in order to turn out the way the recipe was intended to turn out. Certain cakes can also be quite tricky to get just right and some cake recipes even require that you measure the weight of the ingredients on a weigh scale and not just in your measuring cups with the millilitre measurements on them.

A commercial boxed cake mix can magically be turned in to a delicious and nearly home made tasting delight just by adjusting a few of the ingredients. There are plenty of ways to do this, whether by adding more sugar, more butter, additional eggs, a different liquid such as buttermilk, or even vanilla, grated orange or lemon and so on. You are really only limited by your imagination here and if you want you can just try some different things out and see how they work and make your own recipes eventually. In this recipe for pineapple dessert, the boxed mix is bolstered with plenty of additional eggs and butter. These two ingredients mean that the mix should have lots of flavour as well as moistness and good rise. The oil that is added into the recipe will also bring extra moistness to the mix which is always desired for a cake recipe. Then there are also mandarin oranges which are a nice touch that will bring orange-y taste and some texture to the cake. Mandarin orange and pineapple taste really good together too.

This is one of the pineapple desserts that has a creamy whipped topping, which goes great with the tropical flavour of pineapple, making it reminiscent of a pina colada drink. The pudding icing is a recipe that is not made a lot, but it is great for a simple cake recipe like this Pineapple Cream cake recipe. The coconut and pineapple will blend beautifully with the mandarin flavour in the cake, and make the entire cake taste rich and sweet as well as hinting at Hawaiian flavouring which is so yummy. The use of whipped cream - and make sure it is real for best flavour - will add a nice lightness to this topping. Thank you to Lauren Allen from Tastes Better from Scratch for this awesome recipe we can't wait to try.*

Nutrition Facts for: Oh So Easy Pineapple Cream Cake from Tastes Better From Scratch
Ingredients:Yellow cake mix, butter, can mandarin oranges, oil, eggs, vanilla instant pudding, can crushed pineapple, powdered sugar, sweetened, shredded coconut, heavy cream.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 15 servings *Per Serving: 403, Calories from Fat 215, Total Fat 23.9g 37%, Saturated Fat 9.6g 48%, Cholesterol 74mg 25%, Sodium 574mg 24%, Potassium 154mg 4%, Carbohydrates 44.9g 15%, Dietary Fiber 1.5g 6%, Sugars 29.0g, Protein 3.8g, Vitamin A 12%, Vitamin C 43%, Calcium 9%, Iron 9%

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