Oh So Good Chocolate Poke Cake

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This is a fabulous and rightly named, Oh So Good Chocolate Poke Cake. There is chocolate at every turn, in every part of the cake. That means every bite is reinforced with more chocolate. As well, in the cake, the cocoa that is used is emphasized with the addition of coffee. Espresso and coffee are terrific additions that can really help the chocolate in a recipe really pop. This cake is also made using vegetable oil rather than butter, so it will be wonderfully moist. You could also consider substituting butter milk for regular milk to help this cake rise, and to ensure a moist dessert.

The poke part of this poke cake is, again, a combination of chocolate in sweetened condensed milk. That combination of ingredients is also poured over and in the cake and so gives an even greater chocolate boost to this cake. And if that is not enough, the whipped cream frosting also has cocoa in it. So this is a third hit of chocolate in an already chocolate laden delight. Chocolate is a flavor that every one really loves, and if you use 70 percent cocoa when you bake, you are adding nutritious anti-oxidants to the dish.

This entire dessert is made from scratch. The recipe is a great one, especially with the use of vegetable oil and coffee to guarantee a moist and very rich chocolate cake. The poke is lovely, and real whipped cream, laced with cocoa, simply cannot be beat. Get the kids to taste test the whipped cream topping for you, and put their stamp of approval on this chocolate delight. Book mark this page and make it on a day when you need some real chocolate in your day. Enjoy.

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